Collision Avoidance

Collision Avoidance


How pictures appear in the book

Images in the eBook version of Collision Avoidance appear in color (on color-capable readers). Imagery in the paperback version prints in grayscale.

Selection criteria for inclusion

Where possible, images are used that tie directly to the story: the exact aircraft or location. Otherwise, photos were secured that fit the narrative for some particularly illustrative purpose. Where necessary, expressed permission was obtained from the photographers or by agreement with similarly generous contributors to the Creative Commons or other shared media sites.

Captions with links point to either the source of the photograph or, in some cases, to a website favored by the photographer. Other links are provided for examining the licensing agreements governing use of the work.

Pictures appearing on this website

Most of the pictures in the book appear within this website. Others, mainly from the author, are also posted. The same license / use provisions apply. No photographs appearing in the book or on this site may be used without proper licensing or the expressed permission of the photographer.